Summary Description
BASLx Fractional Reserve That Works
  • In the current cryptocurrency environment most users hold their cryptocurrencies in a wallet or on an exchange and watch the market price fluctuate daily. BASLx is an alternative marketplace where you can enhance your opportunities.

The Technology

  • BASLx™ utilises the entire cryptocurrency market cap as a decentralised globally accessible liquidity pool. BASLx, its co-creators (you, a cryptocurrency owner) and its processes provide a banking alternative for global corporations and enterprises, just as Bitcoin provided a banking alternative for individuals.
  • BASLx is a global asset and services market that will sit alongside the thriving global stock and equities markets. All BASLx contract wallets are hosting approved corporate enterprise liquidity requests, that are locked over the designated term length as per the specified contract conditions. HODLers can choose which contract wallets they wish to park any accepted form of cryptocurrency. User enabled returns in original format to pre-designated and confirmed wallet addresses, at the end of the term length.
  • BASLx is aimed and designed at its core to strengthen, protect and rapidly enhance the entire cryptocurrency market, inevitably ensuring its security, growth, stability and longevity. This will in turn bolster and protect the value of the many diverse cryptocurrencies that form it whilst encouraging diligence, innovation, thoughtful design and alternative economic models. BASLx will be initially available to serve global enterprise access to liquidity, this access will be backed by their abundance of products and services offerings at agreed locked percentages below their retail market sales prices and over a designated contract term length.

BASLx - Product Disclaimer Note:

BASLx even though highly automated ensures to utilise traditional finance and risk management teams to vet all corporate, enterprise and individual customers providing them access to the BASLx marketplace. This process is aimed to be a proactive step to ensure that BASLx does not inadvertently contribute toward the deflation of the cryptocurrency market cap as a result of lack of competence or the human element. BASLx strongly believe that proactively preventing such risks and implementing mandatory operating procedures and safety factors are best practice and a requirement in BASLx's and the cryptocurrency market’s current infancy.

Due for release late 2018.

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